About Us

Bridge 2913 was started by Matt Spencer, who at the time was a high school English teacher and football coach. As a teacher, Matt saw the tremendous opportunity to bring the gospel to students where they are – in the schools. However, Matt realized he couldn’t reach them alone. God revealed to him that an army existed in every community – student leaders, teachers, parents, and church members – who could help bring the love of Jesus to students. They just needed to have an effective, legal, time-efficient way. The Lord used this to awaken Matt to a mission that would launch inside public schools.

After diligent prayer and research, plans were formed to empower people to legally and effectively work with students in their spheres of influence to help them discover Jesus. Since then, people from everywhere in the community have been empowered to launch discovery Bible study groups for students on middle school and high school campuses. Schools have dozens of these groups meeting from all across their campuses – in classrooms, band halls, locker rooms, and beyond!

As the need continues to multiply, so does the opportunity. Everyone has a role to play, everyone can be involved! If you are willing to say yes to Jesus and have compassion for today’s young people, you can help!

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The Mission

Our mission is to empower people – educators, parents, members of the community, and student leaders – with training and resources to bring the gospel to public schools.

The Vision

Our vision is for school after school to be ignited by the gospel, all from one person starting one group on one campus. One spark can change everything!

What's possible in your community?

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