One Spark can Transform Your School

You see the need for students in public schools to discover the love of Christ. But, is it possible? Can you make a difference?  The answer is a resounding yes!  You can legally, simply, and effectively bring the gospel to students. Our mission is to empower people – educators, parents, members of the community, and student leaders – with training and resources to bring the gospel to public middle school and high school campuses.  So no matter who you are, you can be a spark that can ignite a campus. 

What does it look like?

Connect We start by connecting with leaders like you – from schools, local churches, and the community – who share a desire to help students know Jesus.

Empower Next, we empower you with training, resources, and support to ensure you are able to work on campus legally and effectively.

Mobilize Then, we help create ministry opportunities specifically tailored to allow you to reach students within your circle of influence. 

Say Yes with Confidence


We know you have a busy life!  We can help you make a deep impact with even a small investment of time.


The ability to have student-led religious clubs on campuses is protected by federal law.  Our solutions are designed to help leaders like you minister with legal confidence. 

A Proven Playbook

We will provide you with a comprehensive, effective, user-friendly set of resources, giving you all the tools you need.   

What's Next?


First, learn what’s possible.  You can bring the gospel into public schools and change lives. There are opportunities for everyone – teachers, parents, churches, students, members of the community.  Discover where you can plug in and make a difference.


Next, go through training where we will equip you with every tool and resource needed to legally and effectively bring the gospel to a public school.


Now you’re ready to go! You can help plant a student-led ministry group on a campus.  We will provide you with ongoing support and resources, so your one small step can be the spark that ignites the gospel in a public school.

With over 10 years of public school ministry experience, you can trust our solutions are legal, proven and effective.